Ginetta turns ten.

Ginetta was born as a crazy idea. Ten years later, we celebrate our journey full of challenges, learnings, successes and above all, joy.


Fact #01

Ginetta was born twice, once in 1919 and once in 2008. Simon named the agency after his grandma, to whom he was very close.

Fact #02

Our first project was a trade-off for the domain
Ten years later, they haven’t changed a thing!

Fact #03

We are positive.
Our most used emojis on slack:

Fact #04

Team and office statistics:

  • 57 team members 10 years
  • 41 currently employed
  • 11 nations
  • 6 languages
  • 4 locations

And we are happy!

Fact #05

There’s been six Ginetta babies since we were founded! Irma, Lenz, Elliot, Lionel, Jolina and Luisa.

Fact #06

We love photo booths

Fact #07

When we do trips, it is a lot of fun.

Fact #08

Our very first employee Andrea is still with Ginetta.

Fact #09

We love to move.
Five times in fact!

Fact #10

It’s cool to work at Ginetta!
In our first office in Bern, the room temperature regularly dropped to a chilly 5 degrees.

Fact #11

Our favorite office places.

Fact #12

Back to our roots! Not only did we open an office in Berne again in 2018 – also Valerie is back as a board member.

Fact #13

Our favorite time of the day: lunch.

Fact #14

We’re famous for our coffee and we brewed more than 10’000 in 2017.

Fact #15

We gave hundreds of talks, workshops and lectures.

Fact #16

No one can count how many post-its we use each day.

Fact #17

Our team did 26'000 github commits and over 500 prototypes.

On June 29 we celebrated Ginetta’s 10 year birthday.

Take a look at the photos!